New Classes Starting October 5

Fall classes start on October 5.  I will be offering beginning and intermediate bellydance through Southeast Community College, at the Continuing Education Center.  Belly Dance Levels 1 and 2:

You can either enroll online, or use the registration form below.  

Belly Dance Level 1:

Try something new and fun! Learn how to belly dance! This class will teach you how to do shimmies, body undulations, hip circles, hip lifts and drops, snake arms, head slices and much more. Learn isolations and opposition moves and put it all together into a simple dance. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in.  Keyword: Dance

When:  Oct. 5-Nov. 9  Day/time: W 6-7 p.m.   Cost:  $49

Location: Lincoln, CEC, Room:  304

Instructor:  Ashiya   Course Number:  LLLX-0360-CEFA



Belly Dance Level 2:

If you know the basics of belly dance, then this is the class for you. Take your dance to the next level and learn how to shimmy while walking or undulations while moving across the dance floor. Learn new combinations of the basic moves. Add a veil or prop such as cane or zills to your dance. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Belly Dance Level 2 is a continuation of the Level 1 class or for anyone with some belly dance experience. K eyword: Dance

When:  Oct. 5-Nov. 9 Day/time: W 7-8 p.m.  Cost: $49

Location:  Lincoln, CEC, Room: 304

Instructor: Ashiya   Course Number:  LLLX-1509-CEFA